Just wanted to say that Lucky Lucy has a bit of a upper respiratory bug, not the flu, but she is still alive, not kidnapped, not sequestered in a tower somewhere and certainly not carried off on a horse by some gallant knight! Have patience dear readers. She is hanging in and will reveal more of her adventures soon.

And yes, she did get a flu shot.

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Dec. 18, Note tacked to door of private dining room of the Cock and Bull Inn.

Private Party, no admission. This means you!

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Dec. 18, Narrator

Well, as we can see, Miss Lucy Augustine has been in residence at Herald House for one week. With her charming personality and engaging manner, she has managed to provide some semblance of normalcy among the stricken members of the Roland Willoby household. Poor Roland. Never was much of a horseman, why his brother Michael would insist that he ride Hunter, the grand black stallion is anyone’s guess. Young Peter Waters attempted to intervene by directing Mr. Roland to the kinder and more manageable Flame. Mr. Michael was incensed, slapped him with his black leather glove, right on the face, very near his right eye  I might add. He called him rather derogatory names and sent him packing. Now Mr. Roland always was in awe of his brother Michael. Something of a handsome rogue with his blonde curling locks, tall stature and muscular build, he was the center of life at Meadow Grove in their youth.  Michael had a reputation with the ladies. He spent some time courting Rosemary Augustine as well. Since she showed little interest in his affectations Michael was quite perturbed by her luke-warm favors.  Since he moved from one social group to another quite easily, Miss Rosemary felt that his attentions were not proper. From that time, Michael rather scoffed at her appearance and her intellect. However, Roland was quite taken with her. After a two year courtship they announced their engagement.

Miss Rosemary was devastated when her Mother, Father and Brother were afflicted with a rampant infectious disease of some sort and they passed on to another world.  Rosemary was merely 17  at that time. Fortunately, Rosemary was spared but left rather weak and dismayed. Having no direct family to represent her in the courtship and marriage negotiations, she elicited the assistance of her uncle, Mr. Augustine and his solicitor Mr. Sullivan. Since she was now a grand heiress with a large income to manage she required guidance and reassurance. At her age of 19 Miss Rosemary and Mr. Roland married and moved to the estate entailed to Mr. Roland by his childless uncle. Rosemary’s childhood home, Lawnworth, was sold to a local junior aristocrat looking for residence.  While this practice was not common, it had the blessing of Mr. Sullivan and passed the stringent legal  guidelines at the time. Much of the profit from this sale were invested with Mr. Phillip Sawyer and his shipping company. A fine businessman, Rosemary’s investments are secure and safe in a family owned and managed business.

A jovial and trusting man, Mr. Roland was short of stature and wide of girth. In spite of rigorous lessons with experienced trainers, he struggled to sit a horse properly. Frequently the recipient of cruel taunts, “Rusty” was the nick name given to him by the ever-so-fair Mr. Michael. You see, his hair was carrot colored and like none in the family. Mr. Roland was good natured and considered this taunting as a form of friendship. He was wrong. Frequently Mr. Michael was away for long periods of time so when he was in residence Mr. Roland was delighted with his attentions when he returned. A sad state of affairs.



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Dec. 18, Note to Charles Peacock, manager Meadow Grove Estate delivered by Peter Waters

Cock and Bull Inn, 8pm, sharp, no excuses.

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Dec. 18, Note slipped to Mr. Hawkins by unknown courier

Meeting of Black Glove Society, Cock and Bull Inn, 8 pm.

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Telegram to Mr. Phillip Sawyer

Arrived Village Wren (stop) Contact at the Cock and Bull Inn (stop) To tenant farms in morning (stop) Will advise (stop)

With Respect,

Clifdahl Fisk

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Dec 17: Journal Entry

Today was a joyous day. In mid afternoon we traveled down to the cooks domain to assist in the decoration of the Christmas cookies. Kenny and Ross were so thrilled, I am not sure but I think as many cookies were eaten as were decorated! Cook threaded cord through the cookies and we carried them up the library, with the assist of Mr. Clarke, the butler, and the boys hung them on the tree. A fine afternoon. The Willoby’s senior are visiting distant cousins in Wren for the day and over-night. Cousin Rosemary and I took our tea with the Governess and the boys, there was much chatter about the events of Christmas day. Cousin Rosemary has informed me, secretly, that the boys will receive pony’s for Christmas. It will be a grand surprise!  A little more sketching and an early night for me.

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