Dec 17: Journal Entry

Today was a joyous day. In mid afternoon we traveled down to the cooks domain to assist in the decoration of the Christmas cookies. Kenny and Ross were so thrilled, I am not sure but I think as many cookies were eaten as were decorated! Cook threaded cord through the cookies and we carried them up the library, with the assist of Mr. Clarke, the butler, and the boys hung them on the tree. A fine afternoon. The Willoby’s senior are visiting distant cousins in Wren for the day and over-night. Cousin Rosemary and I took our tea with the Governess and the boys, there was much chatter about the events of Christmas day. Cousin Rosemary has informed me, secretly, that the boys will receive pony’s for Christmas. It will be a grand surprise!  A little more sketching and an early night for me.

About Lucky Lucy

A humble and sensitive artist, I live a simple life. I am driven to find truth and honesty in a modern world which frequently leaves me at odds with nature. In my professional life the minds of the troubled and misdirected require my attention. While I will never be wealthy, a good days work involves the soothing of souls. Sometimes even my own.
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