Dec. 16, Journal Entry

Such a busy day. After we visited the vicarage, Mrs. Willoby, senior, remarked that Mr. Johnathan was indeed a man of fine character and education. I informed her, clearly, that I did agree, however,  his personality is best suited to a local lady of fine character that I met after the service. Miss Amanda Locke is the daughter of Mr. Clarence Locke, the butcher in the neighboring village of Acorn Glen. Smaller than the village Wren, it is the hub of agricultural activity in the area. Miss Locke is the school mistress at boys academy there, White Hall. While Cousin Rosemary remarked that she had heard of the fine reputation of the school, she had not been introduced to Miss Locke.

It is the custom of the house, to consume the large meal of the day mid-afternoon at Herald House on Sundays.  This custom developed when Mr. Roland invited many of his friends and acquaintances from distant areas to dine. When they could not stay over, he adjusted dinner time so that they could travel and return to their homes in the same day. I think it is a grand idea. I will institute this custom when I return to Number One Maple Lane.

We decorated the Christmas tree in the large library. What a glorious sight. Cousin Rosemary commissioned some stunning blown glass balls to adorn the boughs, mistletoe berries are tucked between the limbs, the candles have been attached but will not be lit until Christmas Eve. A plaster crafted angel in golden ribbon dress adorns the top of the tree. The boys were staring in awe as the decorations were applied, they were relegated to the dried cranberries and popcorn garland. After a light tea at 6 pm we all retired to our rooms to recover from the days events. I have posted a thank you to the kind and generous Mr. Walden for the divine leather-bound  sketch book. I plan to spend some time this evening sketching the adornments in my chamber. I think I will start with the charming mirror that stands beside my wardrobe. It is on a framed stand that sits at an angle into the room. The frame is decorated in scrolls of gesso tipped in gold, very French. A potted fern sits to the right of the mirror and its reflection will provide a lovely contrast for my drawing.

So good night for now my faithful friend, my journal. Tomorrow we have no specific plans. Mrs. Hillary has prepared some sugar cookies for the boys to decorate and Cousin Rosemary and I will attend the event.



About Lucky Lucy

A humble and sensitive artist, I live a simple life. I am driven to find truth and honesty in a modern world which frequently leaves me at odds with nature. In my professional life the minds of the troubled and misdirected require my attention. While I will never be wealthy, a good days work involves the soothing of souls. Sometimes even my own.
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