Meet Lucy Augustine, Lucky Lucy to her friends and family. The elder daughter of a wealthy businessman, Lucy lives a life of privilege. Not born to nobility, she moves in the outer circles of noble families through the contacts of friends and extended family. She is socially well situated and highly respected. She was educated at a fine private academy where she is versed in literature, health and healing arts and well as domestic management. A must for any lady in these times. Her younger sister, Eliza is married to a Mr. Phillip Sawyer. A shipping magnate, Mr. Sawyer is the strong male presence of the family. Their sons Jacob and Alex along with baby daughter Samantha live in the city in a classic Georgian Townhouse. They hope to purchase a country home in the near future. Lucy lives in her own cottage, Number One Maple Lane. A grand home in its own right, it is often the center of social activity. Number 10 Maple Lane was the home of her Father, Mr. Autustine, deceased 5 years. Lucy has leased the property since that time. The particulars are handled by her Father’s solicitor, Mr. Sullivan. Please enjoy the adventures of this modern woman in a not so modern time.


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