Dec. 12, Letter to Sister Eliza and Brother Phillip Sawyer

Dearest Eliza and Phillip,

Last night we were deluged with rain at Herald House. I have heard from the driver, Markus, that this village of Wren is absolutely sodden. The roads are rutted with mud. He just returned from driving Mr. Willoby and his man Charles to the village to seek a manager for the estate. Mrs. Willoby stayed behind. She joined Rosemary, Kenny and Ross and I in the library for reading and games this afternoon. The boys are full of inquiry and energy but when the talk turns to their father, the become very quiet and pensive. After the first three chapters of Treasure Island the boys became restless and anxious for their tea. Cook, a Mrs. Ella Hillary, is a lovely and accommodating woman. She prepared a lovely roast beef roll, stuffed with a sage breading, roasted potatoes and lovely candied carrots. For pudding, an apple cake. We were all so pleased with our little repast. Since we dined informally, there was much laughter and joy at table. Cook remarked that every bite had disappeared. She was pleased. Rosemary finished her plate for the first time since I have arrived. I think spending more time with the boys may be the antidote for her depression.

I have written to Mr. Sullivan but have had no word from him about the sale of Number 10 Maple Lane. I am hopeful that tidings will improve here and I can return shortly after the New Year. Hugs to my nephews and my darling niece. I await your next post for news of events there.

Your loving Sister,



About Lucky Lucy

A humble and sensitive artist, I live a simple life. I am driven to find truth and honesty in a modern world which frequently leaves me at odds with nature. In my professional life the minds of the troubled and misdirected require my attention. While I will never be wealthy, a good days work involves the soothing of souls. Sometimes even my own.
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