Journal Entry, Dec. 12 10:30 am,

Dear Journal, I was thrilled to receive letters this morning from Miss Rachel Smith and Miss Isobel Williams. Apparently word has been spread through our circle that I will be at Herald House for the Holiday. I must write to Sister Eliza so that she can explain my circumstance to our dear friends. Since I left Number One Maple Lane rather abruptly, I neglected to inform our friends of my plans. Most certainly a social misstep.

Cousin Rosemary and I had a lovely morning walking the grounds and discussing the complications of running such a large estate. Mr. Willoby is seeking to hire a manager to assist. Most of the estate is rented to tenants who farm and raise livestock. Other than a few chickens and a garden with orchard, not much is left to manage on the estate proper. I have noticed that some maintenance issues are starting to surface to the house itself. We had a heavy rainfall last night and I saw some pots scattered about in the hall that joins the entrance from the formal rooms. Fortunately, none of the tapestries or paintings were affected, but the sooner Mr. Willoby employs the manager the better. Cousin Rosemary is indeed oblivious to her surroundings.  While she has relegated much of the maintenance to Mr.Willoby and his man Charles, they are not in residence. I have indeed come here just in time. Cousin Rosemary is something of a lost soul right now. I will attempt to engage her in some activities with the boys. 

The Governess, Dominique, has the afternoon off. I will spend this time getting to know my dear young Cousins.  



About Lucky Lucy

A humble and sensitive artist, I live a simple life. I am driven to find truth and honesty in a modern world which frequently leaves me at odds with nature. In my professional life the minds of the troubled and misdirected require my attention. While I will never be wealthy, a good days work involves the soothing of souls. Sometimes even my own.
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