Journal Entry: Dec. 11 (out of order)

What a busy day! After posting my letter to Dear Sister Eliza, I stopped in at the village seamstress, her name is Judith, to examine her goods and her skills. It seems that she is ever so busy and actually has two assistants who help with the work there. They are apprentices from the local school. Both charming young women,  Anne and Sally. I explained my need for some country garments since I am a city girl!  Oh dear Journal, there were so kind and understanding. Even though they are terribly busy right now, they assured me that they will complete a few fine garments in a short time. My first request was for a tweed woolen walking set. It is quite chilled here and after my brief walk to the village I realized that I was not at all prepared. I chose a traditional multi-brown tweed and a chocolate brown velvet for the trims. It should be stunning, all the local wild life will be impressed! Since Cousin Rosemary continues  the custom of dressing for dinner my gowns are not at all suitable for a large, drafty country house.  Since we are still in mourning here, dark colors are only suitable. It is hard to believe that 8 months have passed since poor Roland’s unfortunate accident.  I have commissioned three long sleeve gowns. All in velvets, one dark green, one dark blue and one in wine-color for Christmas Day. While they are all rather similar in style, Judith assured me that the varying cuts and trims will make each very individual. I am excited. The dresses will be ready by the 17th. One week. I am so impressed.

Breakfast in a grand house is rather boisterous affair. The sideboard is laid with the fare and everyone rather helps themselves. At table, the coffee and beverages are poured by the footman. Cousin Rosemary has only kept the Butler, the Footman and the Driver of the old staff. The cook and housemaids have stayed on as well. The Governess, Dominique, is a bit stand-off-ish and rather strict with the boys, but I suppose that is her duty. She dines with the family but does not engage much in conversation. When introduced she seemed rather surprised to see me, I was sure that Cousin Rosemary informed her of my visit.  After breakfast we retired to the library where Cousin Rosemary and I exchanged stories and family anecdotes. It was a lovely morning.  I will knit a bit now then dress for dinner. I hope to spend some time with the boys before they are put to bed. They have their tea at 4pm, then read and play games before their bed routine. I will pop in around 8, that is their “tuck-in” time. They are so darling, such precious children to fend along in life without their Father.


About Lucky Lucy

A humble and sensitive artist, I live a simple life. I am driven to find truth and honesty in a modern world which frequently leaves me at odds with nature. In my professional life the minds of the troubled and misdirected require my attention. While I will never be wealthy, a good days work involves the soothing of souls. Sometimes even my own.
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